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Quality & Safety

With plants located among some of the best farmland on the planet, ADM is the premier self-contained, full-line manufacturer of soy proteins in the world. We originate our soybeans directly from farmers and refine them in our own facilities, controlling the quality, safety, and integrity of, not just our supply chain, but our supply itself – from farm to table, and at every point in between.

Our vertically integrated process goes all the way back to the farm gate where our soybeans are grown – a closed system that ensures a secure and reliable supply of naturally sourced soy proteins. As food safety becomes increasingly important with each passing day, ADM remains committed to delivering unmatched functionality, safe and wholesome ingredients, and a process that ensures complete integrity of the labeled protein.

ADM’s processing plants maintain precise, extensive auditing functions to help ensure the safety and quality of every product we produce. Our audits include Hazard Analysis Critical Control points, or HACCP – an exhaustive system that identifies potential vulnerabilities that could confront a product at various stages of the processing operation, and then institutes specific measures to guard against them.

We see quality and safety the way you do. That’s why our standards exceed normal accepted limits and procedures, and it’s why we’ve been a leader in the soy protein business for more than 20 years.


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