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Grain Marketing

From Harvest to Home
When you work with ADM, you get more than a marketing partner. You get a team that is committed to helping you fulfill vital needs throughout the world. We’re out there helping you achieve success everywhere you look, including:

At your local grain elevator, which is staffed with friendly merchandisers, ready to help you find the contract options that are best for you.
On your farm, helping you protect your crops, manage your risk and safeguard your future.

In the field, where it all begins, you’ll find us making sure there is an ever-growing market for your crop.

In your feed ration, ADM ANI provides high-quality feed ingredients, premixes and custom ingredient blends for maximum efficiency, performance and reliability.

On the road, as well as the rails, rivers and oceans, we’re out there, getting your crops to the places that need them the most.

Around your community you’ll find us supporting farming as a way of life and advocating on your behalf.

Contract Options
ADM offers a wide range of contract options and services. They include:

Base Elevator Contracts
Cash Marketing
Deferred Pricing
Forward Contract
Basis Contract
Futures Only
Self Directed Marketing
Option-Based Contracts
Minimum Price Contract
Minimum/Maximum Price Contract
Floor Price Contract
Custom Contracts
Average Seasonal Price (ASP™)
ADM AdvantageSM Contract
ADM Plus Contract
ADM Agronomy Plus™
Nexera™ Canola Premium Contract
High Oleic Sunflower Production Contract

Marketing Partners Advisory
Producer Financing

For more information, email grainmarketing@adm.com or visit FarmerView

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