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Nexera™ Canola Contracting

You can insulate yourself from weather and market risks plus earn a premium with Archer Daniels Midland and Nexera canola.  ADM’s exclusive “Act of God” protection contract is only available for Nexera canola, which is high in omega-9 oils.  This contract offers premiums to commodity canola with free AOG protection. 

The ADM Nexera Canola Premium Contract is available at three ADM locations:
  • Enderlin, North Dakota
  • Velva, North Dakota (contracting only, not a receiving site)
  • Lloydminster, Alberta
Contract Benefits
  • Premium over commodity canola*
  • 100% of production is covered with multiple pricing options
  • “Acts of God” protection on every contract at no additional cost
  • Available in US and Canada
United StatesPlanting Seed Available for 2015:
  • Nexera hybrid 1012 RR
  • Nexera hybrid 1022 RR
  • Nexera hybrid 2012 CL
  • Nexera hybrid 2020 CL

Planting Seed Available For 2015:

Roundup Ready® Varieties
  • Nexera hybrid 1012 RR
  • Nexera hybrid 1020 RR 
  • Nexera hybrid 1022 RR
Clearfield® Varieties
  • Nexera hybrid 2012 CL
  • Nexera hybrid 2020 CL
  • Nexera hybrid 2022 CL

*  Premiums and programs subject to change, contract early for full shipment selections.

™ Nexera is a registered Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC

® All other products are trademarks of their respective companies.

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Contact us for Nexera™ Canola Contract details and Current Premiums.

ADM Enderlin and Velva, ND
Call ADM at
800.553.6032 Enderlin or
800.548.8613 Velva

ADM Lloydminster
Canada: 1-800-661-9420
US: 800-661-5555

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