ADM on the Farm

ADM helps turn crop residue into cattle feed with its Second Crop™ mobile treatment system. Trained technicians bring proprietary equipment and the correct lime mixture  to the field. Farmers supply a water source—and a tub grinder if crop residue isn’t already ground. Technicians not only understand how to work safely with the alkaline treatment source, but they also provide information on proper storage and feeding for local conditions—and the cattle’s unique requirements.

Farmers and cattlemen can rely on ADM because our patent-pending process offers:

  • Effectiveness: Having trained technicians on-site means you get the best, most nutritionally available product.
  • Safety: No need to buy or store lime, a potentially hazardous substance.
  • Flexibility: Your crop residue can be treated the minute you grind it, or stored for later treatment.
  • Control: Your residue, your cattle—you know exactly where your feed is coming from.

The pilot program currently serves parts of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Additional ADM Second Crop mobile treatment units are planned. 

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