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Marketing and Risk Management

From traditional marketing, such as cash marketing and deferred pricing, to creating a diversified portfolio with contracts, ADM offers a full range of grain marketing options. Here are just a few of the options we offer:

Self-Directed Marketing
Using traditional marketing options, market intelligence and other resources, this option gives you the most control over your grain marketing.

Marketing Partners AdvisorySM
This advisory service allows you to make final marketing decisions based on the recommendations of ADM personnel in a wide range of geographic areas. You’ll get the information from the Advisory through personal communications, regular outlook meetings and electronic postings.

Advantage ContractSM
This option allows you to have independent marketing professionals handle your future pricing. You receive a contracted price for a specific quantity of grain delivered during a specific time period to a specific place.

Average Seasonal Price Contract (ASP™)
Determining the timing of grain pricing decisions is one of the most difficult tasks in grain marketing. If you want to make disciplined pricing decisions over a period of time, an ASP Contract from ADM can help. ASP allows you to receive a contracted price for a specific quantity of grain for a specific delivery period and destination.

To learn more about the marketing and financing opportunities available from ADM, visit adm.com/farmerview. Or, visit your local merchandiser.

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