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ADMIS Daily Grain Commentary
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Soybeans & Corn are lower. Wheat unch. $ index hits 6-month high; euro falls to 8-month low; US Q2 GDP beats guesses, though private jobs data falls short; trade awaits FOMC statement this pm & payrolls Fri;

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Marketing Partners Advisory
M.P.A 7/28/14 Position Updates and Conf Call Recap
Marketing Partners Advisory
Position Updates
July 28, 2014

All price recommendations below are futures price references (not cash equivalent)

2014-crop – We are 40% sold at Chicago December 2014 $5.18
Recommendation: sell 20% at Chicago December 2014 $4.50
Recommendation: sell 10% at Chicago December 2014 $4.65
2015-crop – We are 5% sold at Chicago December 2015 at $5.02

2014-crop – We are 60% sold at Chicago November 2014 $12.25
Recommendation: sell 10% at Chicago November 2014 $12.00
2015-crop – We are 5% sold at Chicago November 2015 $12.03
Recommendation: sell 5% at Chicago November 2015 $ 12.07

SRW – We are 50% sold at Chicago Sept 2014 $7.16
Recommendation: sell 20% at Chicago Sept 2014 $6.00
HRW – We are 75% sold at Kansas City Sept 2014 $7.73
Recommendation: sell 10% at Kansas City Sept 2014 $7.50
HRS - We are 50% sold at Minneapolis December 2014 at $7.82
Recommendation: sell 10% at Minneapolis December 2014 $7.35

SRW – We are 40% sold at Chicago July 2015 $7.18
HRW – We are 30% sold at Kansas City July 2015 $7.65

Marketing Partners Advisory
Conference Call Recap
July 28, 2014

The following is a review of some of the comments and discussion items from the weekly conference call of the recommendations group of Marketing Partners Advisory –

1. Today’s (Monday) price action prompted a number of questions about whether the soybean market had seen the bottom given yesterday’s price rally and the market’s ability to come off recent price lows last week. To answer this question – we don’t think so. However this does not preclude a short term price rally as the market technically is moving through some of the shorter term price moving averages, there are some headlines suggesting the August weather pattern may be a bit drier, and we continue to see evidence of new crop export sales. Trending markets rarely move in a straight line. Markets also can have a tendency to get ahead of (short term over bought or oversold) the longer term fundamental realities as traders rush to get in front of anticipated longer term price developments.
2. We continue to see evidence of strong US soybean export sales for the new crop year. This development is consistent with what has been projected by the USDA since May when the USDA issued the first new crop year projections. However the timing of the business may be providing some short term price support to the futures markets. We anticipate the execution of the export business may provide some very interesting developments for the cash market in the new crop year.
3. Given the recent developments in Ukraine there are once again reports of additional sanctions being put in place against Russia. Some of the reports suggest the sanctions will be more severe and include sanctions in the banking industry. While the sanctions may provide some economic stress for Russia in the short term they may also further the process of Russia and other countries moving away from trading activity linked to the US dollar as the exchange currency.
4. Recent rains in portions of Minnesota and the Dakotas have been very timely as the discussion was changing from that of the wet spring to that of not having much rain during the entire month of July. We continue to interpret weather developments for US production to be favorable to new crop production potential. Recent weather developments will likely further the expectation the USDA’s August reports will sustain and/or increase US and northern hemisphere new crop production projections.
5. We realize there has been a very problematic rail freight environment for grain shippers in portions of the US for an extended period of time. We do not anticipate this issue to disappear in the short term. Strong demand for the assets of the rail industry is not limited to grains and oilseeds and energy. The impact of this issue may continue to be played out in the coming months impacting the basis markets and cash grain market spreads as the grains and oilseed markets stem demand in the new crop year.
6. How are producers responding to the current price environment for grains and oilseeds? We continue to see evidence producers are “hunkering down” trying to ride out what appears to be an economic storm. Cash grain selling generally remains slow in spite of the projections for historically large new crop year inventories domestically and globally. The more experienced industry participants have been through this before, but not in the past decade or longer. History suggests producers will try to hold tight to grain inventories as a response to the lower price environment and try to limit cash grain sales to only that which is needed to address income/cash flow needs and/or space logistics. Again history suggests bushels represent economic bullets to address financial needs in the future if the current grains and oilseeds price environment persists for an extended period of time. We have all heard stories of people stashing valuables under a mattress or burying them in a can in the yard when things get tough. The attempt to keep grain inventories in reserve when the price environment for grains and oilseeds gets problematic is consistent with these considerations. Some will refer to this as a do nothing marketing strategy. We believe there is a time and/or a place to engage a do nothing marketing strategy. In certain situations this strategy is consistent with the needs of the user and expectations the user of the strategy has for the future. Peace of mind is a very pertinent need in times of economic uncertainty.
7. Lastly – Over the course of time the recommendations group makes recommendations which reflect strategy consistent with our thoughts at that time. In the past we have left those recommendations in place even though the price environment and our expectations for price may be evolving. If those outstanding recommendations are not filled eventually we will likely cancel them for a number of reasons. We want to caution clients who may be looking at those outstanding recommendations and assuming we still believe the market will/can go to those price levels whether they are much higher or lower than current values and the current price environment. We continue to wrestle with how to handle this issue as there are valid considerations on both sides of the discussion as to whether and when we should take the outstanding recommendations off the table. More later on this issue.

Best Regards – The Recommendations Group of Marketing Partners Advisory

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ADM - Benson Quinn
BQCI Morning Comments

After a lower, low volume, uneventful overnight
session, corn posted slightly higher settlements in uneventful
day trade. For much of the session, the market had a
defensive tone. Today’s trade really felt like an extension of
yesterday’s activity, but trade below yesterday’s lows was
quickly rejected. It feels like the trade is wi...

It was another session where weather forecasts were
the market’s driving force and with rains in outlook next week
for northwestern Midwest, the direction the weather is taking
us is lower. Trade is somewhat hesitant to push too hard to the
downside till rains are realized with today’s session pretty
back-and-forth choppy market. Strong ...

Hard Red Spring Wheat
Wheat futures posted a modest recovery overnight that
stemmed from yesterday’s market selloff. After a weak day
session open, markets were quick to rally to their session highs.
Frankly, the market didn’t have much passion behind it. Credit a
combination of yesterday’s weakness, O/I increasing on new lows
and this morning’s announce...

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