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Market Intelligence
ADMIS Daily Grain Commentary
ADMIS AM Market View & Video
10/20/2014 8:41:55 AM
Lower grains. Frid corn & wheat open interest was dwn while soybean was up. US stocks are lower. Crude is a little higher. Asian stocks are higher. EU stocks are lower.

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Marketing Partners Advisory
M.P.A 10/13/14 Recommendations and Conf Call Recap
10/14/2014 8:29:27 AM
All price recommendations below are futures price references (not cash equivalent)

2014-crop – We are 40% sold at Chicago December 2014 $5.18
Recommendation: sell 5% at Chicago March 2015 $3.80
2015-crop – We are 5% sold at Chicago December 2015 at $5.02

2014-crop – We are 60% sold at Chicago November 2014 $12.25
Recommendation: sell 10% at Chicago November 2014 $9.76 *New*
Recommendation: sell 5% at Chicago March 2015 $10.25

2015-crop – We are 5% sold at Chicago November 2015 $12.03
Recommendation: sell 10% at Chicago November 2015 $9.70 *New*
Recommendation: sell 10% at Chicago November 2015 $9.90 *New*

SRW – We are 60% sold at Chicago Dec 2014 $6.88
HRW – We are 85% sold at Kansas City Sept 2014 $7.59
HRS - We are 50% sold at Minneapolis December 2014 at $7.82

SRW – We are 40% sold at Chicago July 2015 $7.18
Recommendation: sell 10% at Chicago July 2015 $6.25
HRW – We are 30% sold at Kansas City July 2015 $7.65
Recommendation: sell 10% at Minneapolis December 2015 $7.00
Marketing Partners Advisory
Conference Call Recap
October 13, 2014

Comments and discussion items from the weekly conference call of the recommendations group of Marketing Partners Advisory include the following –

1. Harvest activity remains slowed by recent rain events in many portions of the US corn and soybean growing areas. This week’s forecast also includes rain activity across much of the Midwest until the latter portion of the week. The forecast for late this week, the weekend, and into much of next week looks more open and should allow harvest activity to accelerate.
2. The grains and oilseed markets have rallied since the first week in October. The rally does appear to be prompting some new crop producer sales of soybeans. However the velocity of the harvest to this point appears to be allowing the producer and the systems of the industry beyond the farm to stay ahead of the curve relative to storage related stress as evidenced by the price rally, the strength in the basis markets for prompt shipment of inventories in many parts of the country, and the decline in values in some of the freight markets. A big question remains unanswered. Can the systems of the industry deal with the historically large amount of new crop inventories in a manner which minimizes the storage stress normally associated with a record new crop inventory? The erratic progress of the harvest, the meaningful increase in on-farm and beyond the farm storage in recent years, front end demand for new crop inventories, and the producers’ absolute distaste for the current price environment to this point all appear to be working to stem the tide of the anticipated crush of new crop supplies and related flat price and/or basis market selling.
3. The next production cycle for north hemisphere production – One may be hard pressed to find a better scenario for most northern hemisphere winter wheat production areas than what is currently unfolding. Winter wheat planting continues in many areas with perhaps the biggest concern being that of wanting the rain events to slow so as to complete the planting process. While the short term focus may be on northern hemisphere winter wheat planting progress and crop development, it should also be noted the recent rain events in many areas are also setting the stage for the discussion of spring planted crops for these same areas to be void of any early dryness concerns.
4. Increasingly attention is being paid to the expectations and projections for SA new crop production. We do not anticipate any planted acreage reduction for soybeans (current projections suggest another modest increase in planted area) but may have some concerns about portions of the double crop planted area for corn in Brazil being lost. Weather to date in the vast majority of the growing areas in SA appears to be supportive of new crop development/projections. A modicum of concern may exist in the northern areas of Brazil (warm and dry) but the forecast for next week suggests a breakdown of the high pressure which has fostered the warmer and drier bias in recent weeks. We will remind clients it is still very early in the production cycle. Argentina remains a political and economic mess.
5. Last week’s USDA monthly updates – Not much was new. Continues the general theme of big new crop inventories, increasing ending stocks globally and domestically, and historically large new crop year demand. The shelf life of the report appears to be very short given the price action from today (Monday).
6. One of the very interesting developments in recent years for the soybean market has been the ability or lack thereof for “demand” to source early new crop production export inventories from SA. It has not been uncommon for double buying to take place for both US and SA Jan., Feb., and early March export inventories either in advance of the harvest or when delays in SA new crop soybeans have been experienced. This has made for some interesting developments in both the basis markets and flat price markets for US soybeans in recent years. This issue should be monitored in the coming months. The discussion of this issue at this point may be a bit early in the game but if it takes place, history suggests it may be supportive to the demand for US export soybeans and related developments in the futures market and cash grain market.

Best Regards – The Recommendations Group of Marketing Partners Advisory
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Doug Roose Becca Bunton
ADM - Benson Quinn
BQCI Morning Comments
10/17/2014 8:09:30 AM

10/17/2014 3:23:21 PM
Corn posted mixed trade overnight and a lower
bias during the day session. The inability to challenge the
prior high at 358 ¼ in the Dec probably has something to do
with today’s weakness as that would entice profit-taking on
yesterday’s gains. I expect the prospects of favorable
weather, harvest expansion and anticipation of pre-week...

10/17/2014 3:46:04 PM
The high emotions seen in the macro markets over the
past couple sessions seemed to have run its course and this
allowed beans to get back to trading fundamentals with market
settling lower ahead of wide open harvest weekend. Money flow,
exodus of funds and liquidation of short positions was absent
from the bean market today while the he...

Hard Red Spring Wheat
10/17/2014 3:23:27 PM
Wheat futures followed mixed trade overnight and
early in the day session with late session weakness on
profit-taking. With little in the way of fresh inputs,
technical features and the ebbs and flows in the row crop
markets are helping direct price action. Early weakness in
the corn and soybeans wounded the wheat market rally,

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