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ADM Industrial Products

ADM produces modified vegetable-based oils for a new generation of wood preservatives that resist mold, decay and termites, yet make less impact on the environment than their chemical-based predecessors.

Household Products
ADM offers a consistent, cost-effective stream of intermediate products for formulation of detergents, cleaners and other household products. In addition to excellent performance, ADM products are agriculturally based, appealing to mainstream consumers—and to the environmentally conscientious.

Industrial Chemicals
A more economical ethanol for your business. A biodegradable replacement for chlorinated solvents. An environmentally sound alternative to detergent phosphates. ADM offers an ever-expanding list of innovative products.  

Mining & Drilling
ADM offers mud-thickening OptiXan™ xanthan gum and emulsifiers for exceptional performance that meets tough environmental regulations.

Price competitiveness drives success in the domestic packaging materials production industry. You want the right materials at the best prices, delivered on time. ADM is committed to providing the quality starches you need at a fair price, supported by world-class production facilities, distribution infrastructure and customer service.

Paints, Inks & Coatings
ADM helps you tackle the environmental issues of VOCs and toxicity by seeking solutions from nature. It’s an approach that has made us a world leader in supplying quality natural-based products to the paints and coatings industry.

Personal Care
Nature provides some of the world’s best personal care ingredients. ADM taps that potential, offering vegetable-based lipids, natural antioxidants and soya ingredients that can give your products enhanced performance.

As the marketplace demands more sustainable products, and as you enhance your plastics specificatons for biobased content and performance, you can look to ADM as a primary source for inputs made from renewable resources.

Pulp & Paper
In the U.S. pulp and paper industry, change has become the norm: the rise of low-priced imports, the trend toward a “paperless society,” and more diversified paper demand. Your ideal starch supplier should bring you the raw materials and production expertise that run the gamut, to help you manufacture everything from recycled papers and copy papers to high-end fine and glossy stocks. That supplier is ADM.

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