Unsaturated Polyester Resins end use markets include:

  • Residential and commercial construction (building panels, bathroom components, fixtures, corrosion resistant tanks, ducts etc.)
  • Marine transportation (boats)
  • Passenger cars, trucks and recreational vehicles
  • Consumer appliances
Non reinforced saturated polyester resins are used for synthetic marble, auto body repair, mine bolt anchor resins, coatings adhesives etc.  

Coolants and Antifreeze
A functional fluid, propylene glycol Industrial Grade (PGI) serves in aircraft deicing and anti-icing fluids, antifreeze, engine coolants, heat transfer fluids offering benefits including:

  • Biodegradability
  • Excellent heat transfer properties  
  • Low freezing point  
  • The ability to decrease the freezing point of water  
  • Low flammability  
  • A high boiling point, low vapor pressure
Paint and Coatings
Water-based architectural coatings incorporate propylene glycol because it is fully miscible with water and improves application properties by adjusting drying time and aiding in the freeze/thaw characteristics.

Liquid Detergents
Propylene glycol serves as a solvent, enzyme stabilizer clarifying agent and diluent in liquid detergents.

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