Industrial Acidulants 


In industrial applications, acidulants perform a variety of functions, from adjusting pH to preventing chemical degradation to serving as an environmentally friendly phosphate substitute for detergents and cleaners.

ADM provides a dependable supply of renewable, biodegradable citric acid, citrates, lactic acid and lactates for industrial applications.

Here are just a few of the features of ADM acidulants:

Citric Acid:

- Removes scale and rust deposits from boilers and other equipment
- Cleans and passivates stainless steel
- Acts as a buffer to facilitate multiple dyings of nylon carpet
- Increases plant absorption of agricultural micronutrients
- Oil recovery applications


- Substitute for phosphates in detergents
- Added to cement to delay setting

Lactic Acid:

- Adjusts pH and other properties of lotions and soaps
- An alpha-hydroxy acid for use in skin care products
- Used in electro-plating

Ethyl Lactate:

- Used as a solvent in polymers, paints and coatings
- Removes flux and salt from electronic circuit boards
- A low toxicity alternative to chlorinated hydrocarbons
- Compatible with both organic solvents and water-based systems

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