Analytical Research

When R&D needs answers, they look to our analytical research team. Across a variety of industries, they have the expertise to track down problems quickly. From the routine to the most complex analysis, ADM’s analytical research team stops at nothing to quickly find the answers that will provide the assurance you need.

Our commitment to supporting research means that our scientists have the tools to analyze minute trace elements and minor compounds or to identify the faintest of odors. When potential problems arise, our analytical research team develops assays to identify and quantify the compound of interest.

Our analytical team provides the specialized analyses needed for new product development, develops assays for production monitoring, performs specialized assays for troubleshooting, and provides technical support for specialized product needs.

From fermentation to functional foods to fuel, our scientists, chemists, and technicians provide detailed analysis and evaluation for our research-and-development and application team that translate into realworld success.

Advanced Equipment for Advanced Analyses
In our analytical laboratory, our analytical research team uses a wide range of sophisticated equipment to perform precise analysis and provide comprehensive information.

Our scientists’ tools include powerful identification tools like mid and FTIR spectrometers, FTIR microscopes, GC-MS systems, and both ion trap and triple quadrapole LC-MS systems.

More than 30 HPLC and GC systems provide accurate quantitative analysis for a wide variety of organic compounds, and trace minerals are analyzed using ICP atomic emission, atomic absorption, and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. These techniques help our analytical scientists accurately identify compounds, determine concentrations, and perform complex analyses on both known and unknown materials. This well-equipped laboratory allows our analytical team to give researchers the answers to questions about new production processes and product quality, purity, and composition.

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