Basic Science

ADM’s basic science group takes advancements in science beyond the bench and into the plant to help make them reality for you. Using cutting-edge techniques and state-ofthe-art instruments, our scientists are breaking new ground in the food, feed, personal care, and industrial worlds.

Constantly thinking ahead, we’re developing new strategies to meet your needs and your customers’ demands for healthy products and environmentally friendly alternatives. Improving production of ADM’s most popular ingredients, investigating economical production methods for isosorbide for applications in plastics, and discovering methods to recover valuable components from corn fiber fractions are just a few of the items we’ve been working on for our customers.

Our scientists come through in a variety of ways:

  • Designing an award-winning, environmentally friendly method for producing the zero and low trans-fat oils that became our revolutionary line of NovaLipid™ products
  • Creating patent-pending products to help reduce the effects of ergovaline in ruminant diets
  • Maximizing microbial production by fermentation of amino acids like lysine and threonine
  • Finding applications for ADM’s manufacturing co-products and specific co-product blends as economical, effective feed ingredients
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