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Research & Development

Focused on functional solutions, our integrated research-and-development and applications network provides comprehensive support to customers worldwide.

This broad-reaching system lets us serve customers across a variety of applications in the food and health, feed, and industrials sectors. Starting with the most basic bench and analytical research, our scientists work to meet customers’ and industries’ needs. In state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot plants, our applications support teams assist our customers with solutions tailored to their needs. We also welcome the opportunity to work with you to help develop new products and processes through collaborative agreements.

ADM ingredients are derived from nature and backed by our world-class technical support services. We even offer nutritional guidance and serve as an information resource to help our customers understand and respond to government regulations.

When it’s time to test formulations and finished products, our culinary facilities and sensory experts offer a range of services to suit your requirements.

From ideas to products, our research-and-development network provides an integrated package of support to help bring innovations to market quickly.

Global Reach
At technical centers worldwide, our experts respond to customer requests and anticipate industry needs. We support customers from facilities across North America and Europe.

Award-Winning Research
ADM’s research team has a broad patent portfolio and has earned numerous industry accolades and recognitions, including a Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award, a Corporate Achievement Award from the American Oil Chemists Society, and the Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award at the Food Ingredients Europe exhibition. In addition, ADM was the first company to receive two Presidential Green Chemistry Awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a single year.

When you want innovation assistance, look to ADM.

Customers who are serious about product development and design work closely with ADM’s research-and-development team through joint development agreements. These contracts set the stage for the creative teamwork that can produce ingredients and products within parameters you set.

Beyond ingredients, joint-development agreements put ADM’s entire R&D toolbox to work for you. From detailed nutritional and culinary assistance to application and technical support, we’ll use our resources to meet your goals. In our full array of pilot plants, state-of-the-art equipment and technology work together to test product concepts in conditions similar to those in your plants. Once your product is near perfection, we can even provide thorough sensory evaluation before market launch, as well as train your staff on processing techniques.

When you innovate with ADM, we maximize our ingredients and resources to meet your needs.


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