Sensory Testing

Before you take those great new products to the shelves, get quantifiable feedback with ADM’s Sensory Testing Group.

That's why ADM's trained Sensory Panel is a vital tool to our customers and our employees in understanding how ingredients affect the organoleptic properties of food products, from the moment they're produced to the moment they're consumed. ADM’s Sensory Panel can replicate the taste of a competitive brand, substitute more affordable or available ingredients into your existing formulations, incorporate more healthful nutraceutical ingredients, determine or extend shelf life and can even improve product flavors and food textures.

The ADM descriptive flavor panel is specially trained to detect a variety of distinct flavors, aromas and textures in food products, and the intensity of each. To qualify, panelists must then be able to describe each by name, using an agreed-upon lexicon so their findings can be meaningfully compiled into group conclusions and the data analyzed. In light of these stringent requirements, it's easy to see why only one in 10 applicants is accepted for the ADM Sensory Panel.

ADM’s Sensory Testing Group can provide the feedback you need to know you’re inspiring return customers. More than just taste testing, we evaluate the entire culinary experience—flavor, texture and appearance.

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