Worldwide Recognition

ADM’S research-and-development and application team has received numerous honors for its work. Focused on developing innovative products derived from nature, we constantly strive to create ingredients that meet the needs of the customers we serve, from food to industrial businesses.

Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award
ADM received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award for innovation in edible oils and fats, specifically our NovaLipid™ line of zero and low trans-fat oils. These oils are made through enzyme interesterification, a revolutionary, environmentally friendly process.

The award recognizes outstanding industry achievements in regional and global markets. Award winners are companies who demonstrate best practices as well as successful business planning, execution, and excellence in a competitive marketplace.

Frost & Sullivan recognized ADM’s advancements, saying, “A true visionary, ADM is one of the first companies to have recognized that consumers be given an option for a trans fat-free range of products…Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award recognizes the NovaLipid range of free/low trans-fat products’ potential to revolutionize the edible oils and fats sector and the innovative, market-leading enzymecatalyzed interesterification technology underpinning its production.”

Presidential Green Chemistry Award
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency bestowed upon ADM two Presidential Green Chemistry Awards for cleaner, smarter chemistry, the first time a single company has earned two awards in one year.

The Presidential Green Chemistry Awards program recognizes outstanding chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into chemical design, manufacture, and use.

Corporate Achievement Award
ADM earned recognition for our NovaLipid™ products’ potential impact on public health from the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS), which honored us with its Corporate Achievement Award.

The award recognizes industry achievement for processes, products, or contributions that have significantly impacted their industry segments.

AOCS called the NovaLipid line an “outstanding accomplishment and highly significant contribution to the fats and oils industry and to consumers around the world.”

Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award
Ultralec®, ADM’s revolutionary deoiled lecithin, received the Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award at a Food Ingredients Europe exhibition.

The award recognizes companies that deliver innovation and quality in the manufacturing and development of food ingredients.

To produce this high-performance lecithin, our lipid technologists engineered a proprietary ultrafiltration process that removes triglycerides from conventional lecithin without using acetone. The result is a dry, easy-to-mix, pure, deoiled lecithin that has a clean odor and flavor profile.

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