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Speed-monitoring software, automatic shut-off devices that reduce engine idling, tire-pressure monitors, aerodynamic equipment on tractors and low-friction lubricants — putting these tools and tracking mechanisms in place enabled ADM’s trucking group to save more than 166,000 gallons of fuel in 2008. These efforts, in turn, prevented the emission of nearly 19,000 tons of carbon dioxide as well as particulate matter and other pollutants. The group’s 550 drivers, who together log nearly 40 million miles on the road each year, are also rolling with wide-based tires — so-called “super singles” that decrease rolling resistance, or friction that can reduce fuel economy.

For its efforts, the trucking group has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWaySM certification. The EPA characterizes SmartWaySM programs as resulting “in significant, measurable air quality and/or greenhouse gas improvements while maintaining or improving current levels of other emissions and/or pollutants.”

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