Vital Contributions

Because ADM serves vital human needs for food and energy, our work is intimately tied to our social responsibility. We connect the harvest to the home, and so our capital investments, our social investments, and our investments in people are aimed at enhancing our ability to serve this vital purpose.

Our values inspire us to achieve the right results, the right way. And while markets and opportunities are ever-changing, our values remain constant and readily evident in the actions we take each day.

  • We provide good jobs for 29,000 men and women around the world — as well as work for thousands of contractors and business partners — and we work to help ensure their safety on and off the job.
  • We generate considerable value for communities where we operate in the form of tax revenues, extended employment for contractors and service providers, employee volunteerism and civic involvement.
  • We purchase hundreds of millions of dollars in goods and services from a diverse range of suppliers, and we offer significant economic opportunities to our various business partners.
  • Through ADM Cares, our social-investment program, we target up to 1 percent of our pretax earnings to initiatives that support safe, responsible and environmentally sound agricultural practices in critical growing regions throughout the world, and to organizations that help build vibrant, strong communities where our employees live and work.
  • We work to lessen the environmental impact of our own operations and enhance the integrity and sustainability of our global supply chain.

This report highlights ADM’s actions in areas of greatest importance to our stakeholders. We have made considerable progress since we formally launched our companywide sustainability program and convened our Sustainability Steering Committee in 2007, and there also remains a great deal of work ahead of us.

In 2010 and beyond, we will focus on advancing our ability to track companywide water and energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. We will also establish performance goals and timetables for reducing our resource usage and emissions per unit of production. We recognize that these are matters of considerable interest to a broad range of stakeholders, and we are committed to instituting metrics that will enable us to gauge our progress and further improve our environmental footprint over time.

I invite you to delve further into this site for more information on how we fulfill our commitments, and to share your questions and comments with us by writing

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