Social Investing:

Our Social Investments:

Strengthening the key pillars of our business

ADM Cares is a corporate social-investment program comprising three distinct areas of focus that correspond to three key pillars of our business.Through ADM Cares, we’re working to drive meaningful social, economic and environmental progress worldwide.

Applying for funding
Organizations registered with the IRS that have 501 (c) 3 status, or the international equivalent, or a National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) number are eligible to receive funding.  Groups with objectives promoting agricultural development and education, farm safety or related topics will receive priority.  Special focus is also placed on educational programs for children and young adults.  Preference will be given to charitable organizations in ADM communities that can demonstrate clear, measurable results toward stated objectives and a solid track record of success. If your organization meets these criteria, you may apply for funding by clicking here.  For more information on ADM Cares, please click here.

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