Expanding our
portfolio of
renewable chemicals






In response to the world’s demand for renewable chemicals capable of replacing petroleum-derived varieties, ADM is developing both bioadvantaged molecules for new and existing applications and direct, drop-in replacements for petroleum-based chemicals and industrial products.

ADM is a leading producer of sorbitol, and we hold a U.S. patent covering a process for the production of anhydrosugar alcohols, which includes isosorbide. This molecule may be able to replace Bisphenol-A in a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceuticals, surfactants and polyesters – a significant potential advantage given various government health agencies’ concerns about the safety of BPA.

In addition to bioadvantaged molecules such as isosorbide, ADM will soon begin producing propylene glycol capable of substituting for the petrochemically produced type in polymers, paints and coatings, solvents, and adhesives.

This renewable propylene glycol can be manufactured using either the sorbitol from corn-processing operations or the glycerin derived from biodiesel fuel production.

At a time when concerns about the environment are especially pronounced, we at ADM believe that finding suitable, serviceable and sustainable replacements for petroleum-based products represents an important part of our effort to make the most of agriculture’s potential.


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