ADM's 550-truck
U.S. fleet earns
EPA's top environmental
performance grade





Once again in 2010, ADM Trucking's 550-vehicle fleet earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWaySM certification, this time with the agency's top score of 1.25, signifying "outstanding environmental performance." Trucking operations in this category "are utilizing most of the commercially available fuel saving strategies and are actively evaluating the latest emerging technologies," according to the Agency.

By reducing idle time, setting mileage goals, and monitoring fuel consumption and driver performance, ADM Trucking used less fuel and delivered more loads in 2010 compared with the prior year. Continued use of super single tires, speed-monitoring devices, aerodynamic equipment, low-friction lubricants and regular preventative maintenance schedules also contributed to the fleet's improved performance.

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