Working toward
a companywide
conservation target




Following a 2008 materiality analysis, ADM identified water-resource management, supply-chain integrity and energy as key sustainability focus areas for our company. 

We then completed a global water assessment through a survey of more than 100 processing facilities vital to our worldwide supply chain. Using global water inventory data obtained from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, we determined that 75 percent of these facilities are located in regions where local water resources are not stressed, while just seven percent are located in areas considered water-scarce.

In 2010, ADM developed and began implementation of a data-collection system for tracking 95 percent of the company’s water consumption and discharge by quantity, quality and destination. This data will be used to establish common metrics for analysis and reporting, and to set improvement goals.

In addition, ADM’s Decatur, Ill. corn-processing plant – the largest such facility in the world – continued building on its conservation successes in 2010 by monitoring the plant’s usage on a daily basis and comparing that consumption against established targets.  In implementing this daily tracking measure, the plant saved an additional 100 million gallons of water per year beyond the 1.5 billion-gallon-per-year savings the facility had already begun realizing three years earlier through the installation of a filtration and treatment system.

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