A Message from ADM Chairman,
CEO and President Patricia Woertz

November 2010

This year, following a period of extensive discussion with colleagues and stakeholders, ADM issued The ADM Way, a comprehensive set of statements that formally defines our purpose – to serve vital needs – as well as our business strategies, corporate priorities, core values and, not least, our ambitious vision: To be the most admired global agribusiness: Creating value. Growing responsibly. Serving vital needs.

Our commitment to growing responsibly is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture; in 2007, it was the force behind our decision to form a Sustainability Steering Committee with senior executives from each of our company’s principal business units. Shortly thereafter, we conducted supply chain and materiality analyses that prompted us to designate energy, water-resource management and supply-chain integrity as key focus areas for our sustainability efforts.

Growing responsibly, defined
Growing responsibly, to ADM, is more than a function of prudent capital investment, careful environmental stewardship and conscientious supply-chain management – it’s also a product of targeted social investing that makes a meaningful difference to our communities, and that helps promote sustainable agriculture in important growing regions. And, it stems from a commitment to providing valuable economic and career opportunities to employees, suppliers and contractors from a wealth of different backgrounds.

In 2010, we set a definitive target for improving our energy efficiency, developed systems to track 95 percent of our water use, implemented a pilot waste-management program, and took on a second large-scale carbon-sequestration research initiative in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, prominent academic institutions and industry experts.

Elsewhere, we expanded existing programs designed to enhance the sustainability of our soy and cocoa supply chains, invested in new initiatives to improve agricultural infrastructure in the developing world, and made substantial contributions to support education, disaster relief and other causes in our operating communities. We also appointed our first full-time corporate sustainability director.

This update to our 2009 corporate responsibility report outlines our progress in each of these areas. It illustrates some of the important ways in which we will achieve our vision of being the most admired company in our industry.

I welcome your comments on this year’s update at responsibility@adm.com, and I look forward to having additional progress to report in 2011, when we issue our second comprehensive corporate responsibility report.


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