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Brazil's soy
"Do It Right"

Improving yields and profits
in socially and environmentally
responsible ways


Brazil serves as a vital link in ADM’s South American soy supply chain.  So to help the region’s growers improve their performance in socially and environmentally responsible ways, in 2009, ADM launched an initiative called Doing It Right (in Portuguese, Produzindo Certo), a collaboration between ADM and Aliança da Terra (AT), a Brazilian NGO formed by local farmers.  

Doing It Right offers growers instruction in agronomic and operational best practices and provides them with a sustainable agriculture action plan to promote continuous improvement. By giving growers the tools and knowledge necessary to expand yields on existing land, Doing It Right can also minimize the need to expand farm acreage into environmentally sensitive regions. 

In the past two years, experts from AT have visited nearly 250,000 hectares (about 617,500 acres) of productive farmland in the state of Mato Grosso to map the area, analyze growers’ operations and verify their licenses to operate, monitor farm laborers’ working conditions and identify strengths and areas for improvement. ADM funded this mapping and analysis through ADM Cares, our social-investment program.  In September 2010, ADM Cares authorized a substantial expansion of the program to include an additional 350,000 hectares (864,500 acres) of land in Mato Grosso and an additional 50,000 hectares (123,500 acres) in the state of Bahia.

This emphasis on the social and environmental sustainability of our South American soy supply chain is further evident in ADM’s status as a signatory to the Brazilian Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor and in the company’s membership in both the Soja Plus Program and the Round Table on Sustainable Soy Association, two multistakeholder coalitions dedicated to defining standards for responsible soy production and promoting best practices to support that goal.



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