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Creating a
sweet supply
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Stevia – the herb native to Paraguay whose dried leaves are approximately 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar – is an increasingly popular natural alternative to artificial sweeteners. 

In 2009, ADM’s Paraguay operations team initiated a pilot project with approximately 250 farmers in the Paraguayan departments of San Pedro, Canindayú and Alto Paraná to provide training on the fundamentals of sustainable stevia cultivation practices and to provide economic support through firm market pricing.

Given that a single acre of stevia can be harvested three to four times per year and add $1,500 to a family’s income in an area where many families earn less than $600 per year, the local economic impact has the potential to be quite significant.  And the environmentally sound practices being implemented by farmers in these eastern regions of the country may well serve as a model that can be replicated elsewhere.

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