ADM’s 15x20 plan

Accelerating operating performance, integrating sustainability into everyday business operations

With its 15x20 plan, ADM is aiming for 15 percent efficiency improvements by 2020 — on a per-unit of production basis — in the areas of energy and emissions, water, and waste. Progress will be measured against a 2010 baseline.

“These  improvements hold the potential to reduce operating costs, address customers’ demands to deliver products and services sustainably, and reduce risks associated with a future where energy and water use may become both more expensive, and subject to greater regulation,” says Tim Venverloh, director, sustainability.

In addition, he notes, ADM will continue to participate in the development of certified sustainable sources of crops worldwide.

To further integrate sustainability into the fabric of the company’s everyday operations, Venverloh adds, ADM will continue to incorporate sustainability into business planning and risk-mitigation activities.  A cross-functional ADM team is studying ways in which sustainability impacts can be captured in the capital-allocation process.

“The way we conduct business and work with stakeholders directly impacts our reputation and our ability to continue serving as our customers’ preferred supplier,” Venverloh says. “The 15x20 plan clearly demonstrates to our employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders that ADM is committed to growing responsibly.”

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