Using biomass as feed supplement saves grain

Through cattle-feeding trials conducted in cooperation with leading agricultural research universities, ADM has demonstrated that much of the grain in some ruminants’ diets can be replaced with a combination of corn stover treated with lime—a common food ingredient—and distillers grains, a co-product of ethanol production. Corn stover consists of the stalks, cobs and leaves left on farmers’ fields after the harvest. To date, more than 20 feeding trials conducted by major U.S. agricultural research universities have validated the technique.

ADM Second Crop™: Doing More with Less
Through ADM’s patent-pending Second Crop treatment process, we are now offering farmers the ability to make use of the entire corn plant and generate more value from every acre. For cattlemen, this represents a high-quality alternative for corn-based cattle feed—an important option, especially in bad crop years. And for agriculture as a whole, it expands capacity, adding value without requiring additional land or crowding out other crops.

ADM Second Crop is one example of ADM leading the way in agriculture innovation and making a difference.

Preserving grain for other uses
By some estimates, if the stover/distillers grains feeding regimen were to be adopted on a large scale by U.S. cattle feeders, up to 1 billion bushels of grain could be preserved for other feed uses or processed to produce fuel or bio-based chemicals.

The implications for other nations are at least as substantial. In China, ADM is working with China
Agricultural University to test the technique at large dairy farms, where feed costs represent about three-quarters of the total cost of livestock operations.  And in India, the company has initiated a similar research program at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.


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