Supply Chain: Cocoa

In Indonesia, educating farmers on the fundamentals of more sustainable cocoa…

In 2012, 300 Indonesian farmers, one-third of them women, attended the first phase of a training program focused on quality control, sustainable agronomic practices and farm management. The Sustainable Cocoa Production Program is being operated jointly by ADM and Swisscontact, a Zurich-based development organization, with matching funding provided by the Sustainable Trade Initiative and the Suisse State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

The four-year training program focuses on post-harvest processes—such as fermentation, sorting and cleaning—that play a critical role in bean quality. In addition to the social and environmental components of the training, participants take part in hands-on training exercises in the field.

…and adopting villages for a brighter future

Working with Global Hope Network International, a Geneva-based development organization, ADM has helped to provide residents of small cocoa-farming villages such as Cambra Berua and Patalasang with:

  • clean water for drinking, cooking and hand-washing;
  • nutritious food to mitigate chronic hunger and malnutrition among children who have been abandoned by their parents;
  • training in basic sanitation, hygiene and disease-prevention; and
  • basic education and training for women, including
    entrepreneurial training to help them start small businesses using skills such as sewing, cooking and craft-making.


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