Burning biomass to reduce emissions

ADM burns biomass to help meet the energy needs of nearly 40 facilities around the world. In Enderlin, North Dakota, for example, sunflower seed hulls are one of the primary fuel sources burned to produce steam for our oilseed processing plant and refinery. At our Valdosta, Georgia, oilseed processing facility, woodchips serve as a primary energy source for generating steam used in the process of extracting oil from soybeans and cottonseed. All four of our U.S. co-generation facilities can burn biomass, including crop residues. Cocoa shells are burned for energy at ADM operations in Côte d’Ivoire , Brazil and Singapore. And at many of our South American co-generation facilities, ADM burns biomass such as wood chips and cocoa shells to generate both steam and electricity.




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Actual CO2 emissions from biomass with equivalents from coal and natural gas



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