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German plants achieve ISO-50001 certification

In November 2011, energy experts at ADM’s Mainz, Hamburg, Spyck, Straubing, and Noblee/Thoerl oilseeds facilities and our Mannheim cocoa-processing plant came together to develop an energy management system consistent with the ISO-50001 international standard, which encourages more efficient energy use. The system they developed formalized energy-management processes and procedures; established clear, measurable performance indicators; and sought to increase energy awareness among employees at each facility.

By May 2012, the facilities had achieved ISO-50001 certification. ADM energy director Thomas Mort noted that the team’s efforts will generate substantial environmental benefits. “When we use less energy, we produce fewer greenhouse-gas emissions,” Mort explained. “So our teams’ work is helping ADM demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.”




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ADM's Hamburg oilseeds processing complex was
one of several German facilities to receive ISO-50001







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