Reducing tugboats’ impact

A fleet of 10 new tugboats designed by ADM colleagues in our American River Transportation Company (ARTCO) operations are now making their way through U.S. inland waterways. Among other features, the vessels incorporate:

  • double-hull protection around the fuel and lubricant bunker tanks to minimize the risk of fuel or lubricant leaks into the water;
  • energy-efficient, biodiesel-capable main engines and generators that should deliver a 10 to 12 percent fuel savings per year; and
  • zero-discharge “gray water” systems, which treat all wastewater generated by the crew rather than discharging it into the water, as the vast majority of vessels do.

“With environmental safety and productivity serving as guiding principles, our team designed tugs with features and technologies not typically found on inland water vessels,” said Royce Wilken, president, ARTCO.


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