Improving fuel efficiency through fleet upgrades

ADM’s 535-truck U.S. fleet travels an estimated 40 million miles per year. With an eye to better fuel economy and improved environmental performance, we have replaced about 40 percent of our trucks with more fuel-efficient models since 2010—a move that has enabled us to save an estimated 265,000 gallons of fuel per year. In addition, in 2012, biodiesel represented about 25 percent of the fuel consumed by the fleet.

Switching yard employs more fuel-efficient locomotives

At a railyard situated among two major manufacturing complexes and multiple grain-storage facilities in our headquarters city of Decatur, Illinois, ADM is using four fuel-efficient GenSet locomotives to conserve an estimated 150,000 gallons of fuel per year and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and particulate matter. These locomotives—in which one or two smaller and more efficient engines replace the large, traditional diesel engines—are powered by a biodiesel blend manufactured by ADM in Mexico, Missouri.



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