As we work to fulfill our purpose of serving vital needs, ADM uses its research and development expertise to help make more of the crops the world grows today. At the same time, we strive to find more energy- and resource-efficient ways to carry out our work, particularly in the areas of transportation and processing. Following are examples of noteworthy ADM innovations.

Developing alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals
ADM’s renewable propylene glycol offers a viable alternative to petroleum-derived PG. Our USP-grade version is used in fragrances, cosmetics and personal-care products; food and flavorings; pet foods and animal feed; and pharmaceutical applications. Our industrial-grade PG is used in coolants and antifreeze; hydraulic and brake fluids; aircraft deicing fluid; heat transfer fluids; and paints and coatings.

Our renewable PG begins with glycerol, a co-product obtained during the manufacture of biodiesel from vegetable oils. The process of converting glycerol to propylene glycol involves a one-step chemical transformation. Moreover, our renewable propylene glycol provides a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with PG derived from petrochemical production.


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