Supply Chain: Soy

Additional ADM actions aimed at improving the integrity of the South American soybean supply chain

  • ADM was the first company in South America to achieve the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) for soybeans by working with growers in both Brazil and Paraguay to successfully complete exacting third-party audits. The certification has allowed ADM to supply the European market with certified-sustainable soy that meets the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) requirements. ADM has since been working to certify additional growers in both countries.
  • ADM was also the first company in South America to be certified jointly by both ISCC and 2BSvs, a second program developed to help soybean suppliers demonstrate compliance with RED sustainability criteria. ADM is also a signatory to the Soy Moratorium, a commitment to refrain from trading in soy originated in areas within the Amazon Biome that were deforested after July 2006. The moratorium is led by ABIOVE and ANEC, the national association of cereal exporters.
  • ADM is a signatory to the National Agreement to Eradicate Slave Labor in Brazil, a commitment to refrain from negotiating with companies included in the List of Slavery Work maintained by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor.
  • ADM also has agreed to respect the embargo on crops produced in areas identified by IBAMA, the Brazil Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, as improperly deforested or burned.

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