Social Investing: Sustainable Agriculture

Supporting safe, sustainable agriculture worldwide

ADM also supports the development of sustainable agriculture through grants to programs and organizations that promote the adoption and advancement of responsible, environmentally sound agricultural practices. Examples of our most notable contributions include:

  • A microirrigation project in Maharashtra, India, has helped more than 700 sunflower growers increase their average yields through agronomic training and the installation of drip irrigation equipment on 1,500 acres of farmland.
  • A US$576,000 contribution to Opportunities Industrialization Centers International–Côte d’Ivoire has funded bridge and well construction projects in 24 villages throughout Côte d’Ivoire. An estimated 80,000 people, including 18,000 farmers who provide cocoa to ADM, have benefited from these projects. In addition, research conducted by OICI suggests that the incidence of waterborne diseases in some villages fell after access to potable water and sanitation facilities increased. And, young girls in some villages reportedly have had greater opportunities to attend school with the reduction in time required to gather water and firewood.
  • An ongoing partnership with Aliança da Terra, a Brazilian sustainable-farming group, promotes the adoption of soybean farming practices that can improve yields and prevent the need to expand into ecologically sensitive regions.


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