Carbon Capture and Storage Research Programs Progressing

ADM is participating in two major research studies to determine whether carbon dioxide generated by industrial processes can be captured and stored permanently in underground rock formations, rather than being released into the atmosphere.

The research is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Geological Survey, the Illinois State Geological Survey, Richland Community College, and Schlumberger Carbon Services.

The first project, the Illinois Basin-Decatur project, is validating the use of the Mount Simon Sandstone a saltwater-bearing rock formation that runs underneath the company’s Decatur, Illinois, processing complex – for geologic storage of carbon dioxide. In November 2014, the project successfully reached its goal of capturing and injecting 1,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide from ADM’s Decatur ethanol plant.

The second project, the Illinois-Industrial Carbon Capture & Sequestration Project, is designed to demonstrate the economic feasibility of capturing and storing commercial-scale volumes of carbon dioxide within the Mount Simon Sandstone. ADM has received permit approval, and is currently drilling the new injection well.  We plan to complete the construction of the compression, dehydration, transmission, and storage facilities and begin injection by the third quarter of 2015.


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