Pursuing Operational Excellence to Save Energy, Improve Yields, Achieve Cost-Savings

100+ = Number of energy- and process-efficiency projects completed in our operations between 2013 and 2014.
$240 million = Total cost savings attributable to these efforts.
200+ = Number of projects in our pipeline for 2015-2017.
$350 million = Anticipated additional cost savings resulting from successful completion of these projects.

ADM’s strategic approach to Operational Excellence emphasizes enhancing the efficiency of our production plants, standardizing best practices throughout our global operations, and promoting effective collaboration across business units and functions. Areas of focus include energy efficiency, yield improvement, water reduction, health and safety, product quality, and environmental stewardship.   

Among the various types of projects in our pipeline are those aimed at improving maintenance and operational reliability, installing more energy-efficient equipment in our plants, enhancing data structure and analytics, and improving process controls. We are also focused on leveraging our core competencies in fermentation, separations and catalysis to drive yield improvements in our Corn and Oilseeds operations.


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