Investing to Improve the Fuel Efficiency, Emissions Profile of our Transportation Network

= Gallons of fuel saved since 2008, when ADM began installing auxiliary power units in our North American trucking fleet to cool and heat the tractors’ cabs rather than relying on diesel fuel.

In addition, ADM, ADM Trucking and ADM Logistics have been certified as members of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Partnership, a sustainability program aimed at reducing transportation-related emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Oceangoing Vessels
= Improvement in carbon emissions offered by two new ADM oceangoing vessels  the Harvest Frost and Harvest Moon  compared with conventional bulk carriers. Measuring 237 meters long by 40 meters wide, and capable of safely carrying 95,000 tons of cargo, these vessels employ Mitsubishi Heavy Industry’s proprietary Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System, which reduces the drag between vessel hull and seawater by blowing air bubbles at the vessel bottom—creating an “air carpet” that reduces friction and, subsequently, fuel consumption.
River Transportation

10 = Number of U.S. tugboats designed and deployed by ADM that incorporate: double-hull protection around the fuel and lubricant bunker tanks; energy-efficient, biodiesel-capable main engines and generators designed to deliver 10 to 12 percent fuel savings per year; and zero-discharge “gray water” systems, which treat all wastewater generated by the crew rather than discharging it into the water, as most vessels do.


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