Energy: Reducing Usage on a Per-Unit-of-Production Basis

-17.3% = Energy intensity reduction achieved since our 2010 baseline.

As of Dec. 31, 2014, ADM's global footprint comprised more than 300 ingredient-manufacturing facilities, more than 460 crop-origination facilities, 40 innovation centers and a vast global transportation network consisting of approximately 2,600 barges, 28,100 railcars, 1,900 trucks and trailers, and 41 oceangoing vessels.

Since 2011, we have implemented hundreds of energy-saving projects at our plants in areas ranging from pump and fan operations to exhaust heat recovery, process controls optimization and improved data-management. These projects, resulting in reduced electricity purchases—coupled with changes in the fuel we use at several large ADM facilities—have enabled us to achieve an estimated 17.3 percent improvement in energy-intensity—the ratio of energy consumption to production volumes in our plants—since 2010.

As we are currently ahead of our goal of a 15 percent reduction in energy per unit of production by 2020, our focus going forward will be on sustaining and building upon the progress we have already achieved.

Adding up the savings

1.88 million = Megawatt hours (Mwh) of energy saved through ADM’s operational excellence initiatives in 2014
71,520 = Number of U.S. homes whose annual energy needs could be met with 1.88 Mwh of power (based on average U.S. residential consumption of 89.6 MMBtu/year)

$144.8 million = Estimated cost to power 71,520 U.S. homes for one year (based on average spending of $2,024/year)

Sources: U.S. Energy Information Administration, ADM Operational Excellence leadership


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