Working to Reduce Waste Output Per Unit of Production

As we work toward a companywide tracking system for our waste streams, we have several ongoing projects designed to reduce our output at many of our worldwide facilities.

In 2014, ADM sweetener terminals in Salt Lake City and Langhorne, Pennsylvania, achieved zero landfill waste at their facilities.

One year earlier, the Salt Lake City terminal was sending nearly 2,000 pounds of waste to a landfill each month. By expanding the facility’s existing recycling program, more efficiently managing food waste and organic debris, directing the terminal’s sweet water waste to local beekeepers, and sending remaining waste to a nearby waste-to-energy plant, the facility was able to remove its dumpsters and replace its trash bins with recycling bins.

ADM’s Langhorne colleagues also took steps to make theirs a Zero Waste to Landfill facility by maintaining a single-stream recycling program—sending the terminal’s starch waste to a local pig farmer, sweet water waste to a nearby vinegar facility and remaining waste to local waste-to-energy facilities.


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