A Commitment to Good Stewardship

ADM’s Environmental Policy sets forth our commitment to:

  • Establish programs and practices intended to ensure operations are conducted in an environmentally sound manner and that applicable laws and regulations are followed;
  • Commit the resources needed to support and implement these programs and practices;
  • Perform periodic evaluations to ensure that the ADM environmental programs and practices established to support its requirements are working effectively;
  • Communicate and reinforce accountability for environmental stewardship throughout the company;
  • Provide training as needed to assist colleagues in understanding their environmental responsibilities and carrying out their job duties in ways consistent with sound environmental practices;
  • Participate constructively in the process of creating reasonable environmental laws, regulations, policies and guidelines to safeguard the workplace, the community and the environment; and
  • Develop, design and operate facilities and conduct activities taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials, environmental impact, and safe and responsible management of waste.

Read the entire policy here.


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