Toward a Supply Chain that Respects the Environment and Workers’ Rights

136,000 = Metric tons of RSPO-certified palm products (crude palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm-based derivatives and fractions) ADM handled in 2013.

100 = Percentage of the palm oil ADM can offer to North American customers that will meet the RSPO Mass Balance standard later in 2015. All of ADM’s major palm oil refining facilities worldwide have been RSPO-certified and are able to meet existing market demand for RSPO-certified oil and derivatives. We are also working with Wilmar International Limited to provide fully traceable, sustainable palm oil that meets the RSPO Mass Balance standard.

6 = Oil streams at our European refineries that were using 100 percent RSPO-certified, segregated
palm oil as a feedstock at the end of 2014. We plan to convert an additional three streams in 2015.

270 = Smallholder farmers participating in ADM’s sustainable palm oil production and processing program in Pará, Brazil. The program, which conforms to RSPO standards by allowing planting only in areas that were deforested prior to 2006, encompasses approximately 7,500 hectares of oil palm plantation land in areas that have been approved by the government for palm cultivation. Approximately 2,000 of those hectares have been planted by smallholder participants; ADM manages the remaining acreage.

Read ADM’s palm oil sourcing policy contained in Our Commitment to No Deforestation.


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