Code of Conduct
Working to Achieve the Right Results, the Right Way

ADM’s Code of Conduct helps our employees make sound decisions and illustrates proper actions for conducting business. It promotes a shared understanding of what it means to achieve the right results, the right way.

The Code ensures ADM employees do their part to build and maintain trust with stakeholders, including colleagues, customers, business partners, shareholders and communities. It applies to all employees, officers, directors and contract workers/agents of ADM, as well as all of our divisions and affiliates in every country in which we operate. Our expectation is that, when working on ADM’s behalf, our suppliers, business partners, agents and consultants will uphold the principles of our Code.

The Code offers guidance on the appropriate handling of specific situations including, but not limited to, Fair Dealing and Competition, Fair Treatment of Suppliers, Government Customers, Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Corruption, Trade Controls, and Accurate Books and Records.

You can read the entire Code of Conduct here.

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