Food Safety and Quality
Each day, ADM sources oilseeds, corn and wheat from the world’s major growing regions and transforms them into hundreds of ingredients – from flour, shortenings and proteins to cooking oils and sweeteners.

Over the course of more than a century in business, we have become a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most recognized and respected food brands, due largely to our emphasis on quality, consistency and safety. Here is an overview of the systems, expertise and experience we leverage to ensure we provide wholesome, high-quality products:

  • We work to ensure food safety and quality by regularly auditing our own operations, and by carefully monitoring our raw materials streams. Approximately 95 percent of our food and feed processing plants are currently audited for food safety and quality, with the most recently acquired plants on schedule to be part of the audit process by 2017. Our vertically integrated business model ensures a high degree of visibility, control and quality assurance throughout the value chain.
  • Major ADM processing plants from Nebraska to the Netherlands to Singapore have earned various food-safety certifications, including those conferred by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
  • We maintain rigorous Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems at each of our 280 processing plants. These systems have been designed to identify, and safeguard against, potential risks at every stage of the facility’s operations.
  • In 2015, ADM had zero incidents resulting in fines or penalties from non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes related to the health and safety impacts of products or services.
  • ADM is committed to assigning a Preventive Control Qualified Individual at every processing location to meet Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements. We currently are in the process of voluntarily training personnel, with more than 200 individuals trained to date.
  • In addition, each of our facilities is overseen by experienced GMP, Quality System and HACCP audit teams. Our internal systems enable us to receive, document, share and track plant performance and specific customer expectations. And our technical experts and rapid response teams are capable of handling customer concerns quickly and thoroughly.
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