Nutritional Portfolio

Consumers are looking for new ways to make their lifestyles healthier. That means seeking out foods, beverages and supplements that provide health-enhancing properties. ADM develops and markets several products to fit into this category, including phospholipids to disperse powders into liquids and keep baked goods moist, plant sterols that have proven effective in blocking the absorption of cholesterol, and soy isoflavones that are a natural alternative for reducing menopausal symptoms.

WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients – ADM’s specialty food ingredients business – offers a wide range of ingredients that address taste, texture, nutrition and functionality in meat, beverages, health and nutrition, snack, confection baked goods, cereal and personal care products. WILD Flavors also includes the activities related to the procurement, processing, and distribution of edible beans. This unique line of business was formed to provide our customers a one-stop shop for procuring health-focused options. As a business-to-business provider, ADM is not directly responsible for changing the ingredient profiles that our customers market to consumers, but WILD Flavors enables them to improve the nutritional content of their offerings.

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