Employee Development

ADM places a strong emphasis on helping employees learn and develop to their fullest potentials. As a company, we are committed to providing learning and development opportunities for colleagues to perform at their personal and professional best, both in their current roles and in preparation for future assignments.

Training is designed to ensure employees understand how to honestly and ethically conduct business on ADM’s behalf, in a manner that is compliant with all laws and regulations by which the company must abide.

ADM’s training covers a wide range of topics found within the Code of Conduct and various global policies. Recent training topics include Diversity and Inclusion, Conflicts of Interest, Data Privacy and Protection, Antitrust, Workplace Threats, and Global Bribery and Corruption Awareness.

Tuition Assistance
To help our colleagues start or complete their higher education goals, ADM offers a generous Tuition Assistance Program that covers 75 percent of eligible college course tuition. In 2015, ADM contributed more than $1 million in assistance to support our colleagues’ educational pursuits.

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