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Respect for Human Rights Implementation

In 2014, ADM published Our Commitment to Respect Human Rights Policy. We believe that although governments have the primary duty to protect and ensure fulfillment of human rights, we have a responsibility to respect human rights and can play a positive role in the communities in which we operate. While we generally do not grow crops, ADM’s scale, reach and vast supplier network give us the opportunity to help improve conditions under which crops are grown, transported and marketed around the world, as well as the lives of those who grow them and of other workers and communities along the supply chain.

In 2015, we completed the first phase of our policy-implementation plan, which identified potential human rights risks along ADM’s supply chains and prioritized them by geography and commodity. Following a recent supply chain analysis and the determination of appropriate metrics that will help us assess progress and effectiveness, we have started implementing a pilot program at select ADM facilities. We will then schedule implementation and training at additional facilities in higher-risk regions.

For more information about ADM’s progress related to human rights, click here.

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