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ADM Brazil is found within the global business structure of ADM Oilseeds Processing. Get to know a little more with respect to the company’s business in the country:

ADM originates per year close to eleven million tons of oilseeds, mainly soybean, corn and wheat, which serve both the internal and external markets. Palm, cocoa and cotton cultivations are also originated and sent to their respective processing plants.


  • Soybean
    Currently ADM has 4 soybean processing plants, in Rondonópolis (MT), Campo Grande (MS), Joaçaba (SC), and Uberlândia (MG) which together, have an annual production capacity of 4 million tons of vegetable oils, animal feed and biodiesel.
  • Cocoa
    With a milling capacity of 60,000 tons a year, the unit is the country’s second largest cocoa processing plant, serving South American markets with cocoa bean, cocoa butter, liquor, powder and paste.
  • Palm
    In the beginning of 2011, ADM announced an investment in sustainable production, with the construction of a palm processing plant in São Domingos do Capim, Pará, in partnership with local producers and the government.

    The production will occupy a total of 2,030 hectares, operated by 270 families of agricultural producers. The company’s investment in Pará will be increasing the income of participating families and will benefit a total of approximately 3,000 persons in the area.

    The palm processing plant will start to operate in 2016.

Logistics and Ports
ADM uses its logistics network to transport over 15 million tons of products every year through highways, railroads and waterways. Through the subsidiary, SARTCO, it offers fluvial transportation in the Tietê-Paraná and Paraguay-Paraná waterways, and has operations in the ports of Santos (SP), Tubarão (ES), Paranaguá (PR), São Francisco do Sul (SC), Rio Grande (RS), Ponta da Madeira (MA), Aratu (BA) and Barcarena (PA). The company has 23 tugboats, 73 barges, 140 railway cars and 180 trucks.


  • Sugar and alcohol
    ADM invests in sugarcane based ethanol production in the unit in Limeira do Oeste (MG). The unit has a transformation complex aside from sugarcane plantations, which has a crushing capacity of 1.5 million tons per year.
  • Biodiesel
    One of the national leaders in biodiesel production, ADM works to supply the growing demands for renewable energies. Currently, it has two plants that support production, one in Rondonópolis (MT), which produces 1,200 tons daily and one in Joaçaba, which produces 500 tons a day.
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