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Products and Services

ADM’s purpose is to meet vital needs. In this section, you could check a little more regarding the Company’s main products in Brazil:

Natural Health & Nutrition
ADM offers bioactive agents that meet the growing demand of the food, supplement, cosmetic and pet food industries through functional ingredients – with proven benefits for consumer’s health – and through ingredients of plant origin for formulation of its products. Among them are the vitamin E, Novatol®; the antioxidants, mixed tocopherols, Decanox®; the phytosterols, CardioAid® and the soy isoflavones, Novasoy®.

To serve the meat markets ADM also has the proteins Arcon, Profam, TVP and Bakers Soy Flour.

Animal Nutrition
The Animal Nutrition division is responsible for sales and distribution of amino acids used in animal feeding, such as L-Lysine HCl, Liquid L-Lysine and L-Threonine.

Currently ADM has 3 oil brands destined to the end consumer: The soybean oils, Concórdia and Corcovado, and the family of special oils, Vitaliv, which currently has the sunflower and canola versions.


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