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Product Code: 013100

A Versatile Fiber for Consumers and Formulators. FIBERSOL®-2 Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin is great for consumers because its a soluble dietary fiber that doesnt act like one. It doesnt affect the taste of foods and doesnt leave clear or transparent beverages cloudy or gritty. But its functionality isnt limited to consumers. FIBERSOL-2 Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin functions for formulators too!

FIBERSOL-2 Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin is clear and colorless with no inherent or added flavor, high solubility, rapid dispersion, very low viscosity, low sweetness; acid, heat/retort, and freeze/thaw stable. *Meets criteria for fiber via method AOAC Official Method 2001.03 GRAS as maltodextrin. Kosher and parve by O.U.

Key Benefits
- Dietary fiber (90 % min DSB)
- High solubility
- Rapid dispersion
- Clear, transparent solution
- No inherent or added flavor
- Very low viscosity
- Water binding
- Improves body/texture
- Low hygroscopicity
- Low sweetness
- Acid, heat/retort, and freeze/thaw stable

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