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Product Code: 013102

Fibersol®-2 AG digestive resistant maltodextrin is another way for consumers to look at fiber! Fibersol-2 AG is an agglomerated form of digestion resistant maltodextrin which is ideal for specialized applications due to its low bulk density, rapid dispersion, and quick dissolution properties, which are key for final product success. Fibersol®-2 AG helps consumers design specialized products and solve your soluble dietary fiber needs.

Fibersol®-2 AG digestive resistant maltodextrin can increase the fiber content of specialized applications. The benefits of Fibersol®-2 AG make it easy for you to give consumers added fiber without affecting the taste or adding unwanted texture.

Key Benefits
- High solubility
- Rapid dispersion
- Quick dissolution
- Increases total soluble fiber
- No added flavor, taste
- Transparent solution
- Adds minimal viscosity
- Masks out metallic taste to a more sugar-like flavor) of high-intensity sweeteners
- Requires minimal formulation and process adjustments
- Heat and acid stable

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